Monday, June 24, 2013

Disney Project: Subway Art

      I saw all of these great subway art designs online and really wanted to jazz up our hall bathroom downstairs. What better way to combine my love for the color blue and Disney then subway art.
  1. I first wrote down all of my favorite things about Disney World and found the font that matched them. This was definitely the longest task.
  2.  After downloading all of the fonts, I search online for blue color palettes that would match with my light yellow bathroom. 
  3. Next I opened Photoshops 8 by 10 photo file. 
  4. I then listed all of the Disney things that we loved with their corresponding font. 
  5. Open the view at the top of menu bar and turn on the grid. 
  6. Next I just sized and place the words around till it was what I was going for. 
  7. Then just print at Sam's Club or Costco..... where ever!
  8. Make sure to proof your subway art!! and print again if needed...... The Haunted Madison.... :) I do live in Madison so I guess it is close.
I loved the look so I did 3 more subway art designs. Two of them are the girls birth announcements and the forth is the Famous couple above. I bought all the frames half off at Micheals. Love how it looks plus it doesn't look over the top Disney. :) 

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Disney Project: Updated Maleficent Outfit


Maleficent Outfit ALMOST complete! 

Maddy loves her Maleficent outfit but she didn't have the raven and staff outfit was not complete.  After searching online weekly I finally found the staff was in stock on Amazon! I bought it and then when it arrived we had her try on the outfit and like always Maddy said "but mommy we need the staff and the bird!" I pull the staff out of the closet and she immediately said "THANK YOU MOMMY, THANK YOU!!" That melts my heart every time when I don't have to ask her to say thank you. After running around the house with her staff Maddy found a picture Maleficent and saw her ring and now that is the next thing that is needed to complete her outfit...... oh boy!

Home Project: Meal Planning Board

       Looked up a bunch of meal planning boards on Pinterest and decided that I would do a combined one for our house. I found a 12 by 12 frame from Micheals and then with some scrapbook paper to make the frame. The cork lettering and week stickers were from Micheals as well. The box is made from a Italian seasoning box covered in cardstock. The coolest thing I found was the magnet clips that I just hot glued on from Target. They were on sale too, which I love! :) I need to make more print offs for meals or just cut up some more paper to write on. I made a bunch on the computer and taped it to laminate the cards. Love it and use it all the time! I just write on the board and then take a picture with my iphone when I go to the grocery.