Wednesday, May 15, 2013

How to Save at Disney World

Everyone knows that going to Disney is not cheap but there are many ways to save while you are there. Here are how we save when we go to Disney World.
  1. Pack your own lunch. It will save you lots of time and money at Disney. We found that the quick service meals are not amazing and when we are in the park all day it is so much faster to sit and eat. You can also buy the "pricer" lunch options at the grocery store because it will still cost less.
  2. Bring a refillable water bottle. We also bring propel packets for the water bottle because I don't like the taste of just regular water. There are also bottle topper you can use for children so that they don't spill. We bring these everywhere.
  3. Bring snacks. Go big and pick out your favorites to bring to the park. We always bring the girls Ring Pops and this year I am going to get candy necklaces. We never really let the girls have candy at home so this is their something special.
  4. Bring your own costumes. Go online or to a thrift store to find a great Disney outfit. I love to sew so I make them a bunch of dresses before we leave.  
  5. Drive to Disney or rent a car. If you stay on Disney property you can park anywhere free so you can leave the park and get something to eat then drive back. For example we love Outback and there is one located right outside of Animal Kingdom. It is much cheaper than the table service meals at Disney. 
  6. Table service meals and character meals are sometimes cheaper at breakfast or lunch then dinner. Check all of the prices for the table meals first before deciding which one to go to. For example my daughters love the princesses but the Royal Table is too pricy for us so we eat at Akershus Royal, which we LOVE!
  7. Disney Visa Premier Card is a great option or any credit card that gets you extra money. The good thing about the card is that you get double Disney points that are 1 point to 1 disney dollar. We use this card all the time so that we can get the most for our trip. Last year we had enough to pay for a character meal, one child park hopper ticket, and 3 snacks at Disney World. 
  8. Go to Disney World when it is in value season. The crowds will be low, the hotels are cheaper, and the meal prices are low so it is a win win. :)

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