Sunday, June 23, 2013

Home Project: Meal Planning Board

       Looked up a bunch of meal planning boards on Pinterest and decided that I would do a combined one for our house. I found a 12 by 12 frame from Micheals and then with some scrapbook paper to make the frame. The cork lettering and week stickers were from Micheals as well. The box is made from a Italian seasoning box covered in cardstock. The coolest thing I found was the magnet clips that I just hot glued on from Target. They were on sale too, which I love! :) I need to make more print offs for meals or just cut up some more paper to write on. I made a bunch on the computer and taped it to laminate the cards. Love it and use it all the time! I just write on the board and then take a picture with my iphone when I go to the grocery.  

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