Sunday, June 23, 2013

Disney Project: Updated Maleficent Outfit


Maleficent Outfit ALMOST complete! 

Maddy loves her Maleficent outfit but she didn't have the raven and staff outfit was not complete.  After searching online weekly I finally found the staff was in stock on Amazon! I bought it and then when it arrived we had her try on the outfit and like always Maddy said "but mommy we need the staff and the bird!" I pull the staff out of the closet and she immediately said "THANK YOU MOMMY, THANK YOU!!" That melts my heart every time when I don't have to ask her to say thank you. After running around the house with her staff Maddy found a picture Maleficent and saw her ring and now that is the next thing that is needed to complete her outfit...... oh boy!

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