Sunday, April 28, 2013

Disney Project: Sewing Sofia the First Dress

Dress: Sofia The First

Sewing Pattern: McCall 6420 
          - Dress B without long sleeves
Additional Pattern: Cinderella bustle from Simplicity pattern. 
 Fabric Used: Joann's fabric-
  • Top Skirt- light Purple Satin Dress fabric
  • Under Skirt- White satin
  • White petals- Fusible Wonder Under double sided and White satin dress fabric. 
  • Bustle- Transparent Dress Fabric
  • Extras- Purple cord, purple ribbon, white beading, and lining.
Sewing Time: 5 days
-Took longer because I made 2 dresses.

Sewing Experience level: Intermediate

  1. Cut out the pattern for dress B besides the long sleeve.
  2. Cut a copy of the front skirt pattern out of brown shipping paper and shorten the dress a few inches to where you want the petal of the dress to fall. 
  3. Take a round plate and free hand out the bottom of the pattern. This is going to be the top purple petals of her dress.
  4. Cut 4 petals out of purple fabric 
  5. Cut the top of the dress out of purple fabric. 
  6. Cut out the white under skirt by measuring 1.5 of your childs waist with the length you would like the dress to hang. (I find that if I measure exact then you get it a little shorter which is better for walking around the park.) 
  7. Now find a plate the size of the white round symbol on her dress and cut out a circle with brown paper and then free hand the symbol out of the circle. 
  8. Take the extra white satin and iron wonder under bond on one side of the fabric leaving the paper attached to the back and draw the pattern on the back.  Make sure it is fused on the wrong side of the fabric. Cut out 4 symbols. 
  9. Iron the symbols on the 4 dress petals you cut out earlier. 
  10. Next sew all of the dress petals together to make a skirt leaving one side not sewed. 
  11. Make a narrow hem on the bottom of the petal skirt (May want to do before 10.)
  12. You may add the beading at the bottom of the dress at this point by hand or by machine. 
  13.  Finished the skirt.
  14. Next make the white under skirt by sewing together and adding ribbon like sofia's dress. 
  15. Make shorter bustle from Cinderella pattern. 
  16. Sew skirts and bustle together around the top by pinning to fit together. 
  17. Next gather the now one bottom skirt with zig-zag stitch and crochet thread technique.
  18. Now follow the dress pattern instructions to add the skirt to the bodice.
  19. After the dress is constructed added the additional features to the dress by hand. With the bead the front and neckline of the dress then the cord. 
  20. Now just add a petticoat and amulet.
Sofia the First Birthday Party

We found our amulets at Khols in the jewelry department. 


  1. Thank you for the inspiration. I'm going to attempt to make one for my daughter's 4th birthday. I love your amulets, its really important to both my daughters that we get that right.

  2. Oh I am sooo happy to have found your tutorial!!! I have a great-niece who thinks I can make anything and I sure thought I was gonna be bursting her bubble. thanks to you, now I don't have to! Thanks again!

  3. Where did you find the amulet at in the jewelry department? How much, and what brand?? I'm searching the Kohls website and not finding it.

  4. I wish I could pay someone to make my niece this. she loves sofia.

  5. I'm a beginner, but I thought maybe I could do this if I took my time, but I was wondering, how much purple fabric did you actually use?

  6. I bought the amount on the back of the McCall pattern. It give you the amount you need for the size.

  7. I'm not sure if I understand the directions. Did you use only four petals for the over skirt? If so, how did you sew in the zipper?

  8. I just cut into the back petal and added bias tape made from the same material before adding the zipper. You could always make a liner for your back petal too and just add it that way.

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