Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Disney Project: Sewing Maleficent Outfit

"I'm scary, not pretty!"

Dress: Maleficent Outfit

Sewing Pattern: Simplicity 2571
                 -Dress E
 Fabric Used: Joann Fabric
  • Black- sparkling satin
  • Purple- sparkling satin
  • Extra- purple cord and leftover Sofia dress material.
Sewing Time: 3 days

Sewing Experience level: Intermediate

  1. Cut out dress pattern E
  2.  With brown shipping paper cut out the arms so that they are longer than the child's arms. 
  3. Cut the arm pattern so that it would have flames on the arms like maleficent.
  4. Cut 2 purple arms and 2 black. 
  5.  Cut and add extra strip to the front of the dress with purple. 
  6. Collars were made but cutting out the collar from outfit D  of the pattern.  2 of pattern D's collar.
  7.  Cut one spiked for the neck and the other flat. 
  8. Sew the arms first by sewing the arms together and then putting the wrong side together to sew them to be two sided.
  9. Complete the rest of the dress sewing.
  10.  Added the collars by sewing them both collars together and then sewing half to the outfit so that you can get in the dress. Used Velcro on the other side to keep it in place. The Snow White pattern I used was a good prep for the collar. 
  11. For the headpiece I just cut of a size profile shape for my daughters head and added a 2 inches. then sewed up and keep try to get a good fit. I also tried pinning the fabric on her head. This took a few times before I finally got a good fit. 
  12. The horns I found on the Disney fun site on how to make paper cut outs but used them for the pattern. I stuffed and then sewed on the headpiece. 
  13. Once the top was sewed I just hot glued purple cord on the horns.   
  14. Sewed little pieces of tulle purple on the arms to look like flames. 
My daughter wanted to Maleficent for Disney's Not So Scary Halloween Party this year so I made it early so that she could wear it around. She loves the outfit but does tell me that we are missing the staff and raven. I guess that will be the next project. :)