Thursday, August 1, 2013

Disney Project: Our 2013 Disney Shirts

2013 Shirts

Every year we go to Disney I love to making matching Disney shirts along with making them one special princess dress. The first year we made red shirts with pirate symbols that we stamped on the front and then a printable iron for the back.
Last year I got a embroidery/sewing machine!! Which was amazing so I made all 14 of us heading to Disney matching shirts. The shirts  also had glow in the dark thread which was amazing after the fireworks at Magic Kingdom. This took a whole 2 months. After that I stopped embroidering for a long time since I was pretty burnt out.  This year I found this cool embroidery design. Since Pirate of the Caribbean is my favorite and the girls love Jake and the Neverland Pirates I thought the Minnie/ crossbones would be great for the girls and the mickey crossbones for the boys.

2012 Shirts
2011 Shirts


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