Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Enjoying Disney World while Pregnant

We had our trip for November of 2010 plan since the ride home from the last Disney trip so when we decided to try for our second child a few months later we were surprised how fast we got pregnant and if Disney would be out of the question. After all of our research I found that I could ride the same rides as my 1.5 year old daughter, Maddy. So we packed extra pillows and bought some new walking shoes then headed to Disney. Now this year my sister and her husband are coming to Disney and are also expecting. So I decided to type out what I learned,

  1. The Disney World experience changes from a ride based trip with everyone going on rides multiple times and switches focus to more added shows and parades along with the kid friendly ride. 
  2. You can ride all the rides the younger ones can ride. The big rides in Magic Kingdom you will miss are Splash mountain, Thunder Mountain, Space Mountain.
  3. Most of Disney's rides have indoor waiting lines with air conditioning and fans so you wont have to worry about over heating. 
  4. The train is your friend at Magic Kingdom when you are pregnant. Come in the front of the park and then take it to the back to Fontierland then start the rides from there to tomorrow land. 
  5. Have a game plan the night before of what everyone wants to ride including the rides to are not riding and what shows or parades you wanted to make. 
  6. Spoil yourself with all of the goodies! You are taking care of you and a growing baby so they need to know what Disney is like! My favorite is the Dole Whip floats. I think I have 2 every time we are at Magic Kingdom.  
  7. Book multiple character meals to meet the characters instead of waiting in line at the park. This way you are off your feet while they are able to see their favorite character plus you get to eat too. The meals also seems to last a lot longer since you have to wait for each character. When I was pregnant we went to Chef Mickey and the Crystal Palace. 
  8. Do not book dining reservation outside of your planned park that day. This is just going to cause you to walk  a lot more than you need. 
  9. Explain to your family or husband that they can ride the non-pregnant friendly rides once. A lot of 2 time trip on a ride seem like no big deal to them but with the wait usually around 15 minutes that is 30 minutes when they go twice. EVEN with a fastpass. 
  10. You can use your Disney ticket card for non-pregnant rides too. This way your husband can get a fastpass for rocken rollercoaster and Tower of Terror in the same hour. This way they can ride one and then just jump on the other without waiting for the next fastpass time to be ready. 
  11. Pack an UMBRELLA for the PARADES. Even when we went in November it still would get really hot waiting in the sun for a parade and everyone is pushing for a shaded spot so just bring a small dark unbrella to stick in the stroller or backpack. Plus if it rains you are ready too. 
  12. ALWAYS go back to the hotel or campground and put your feet up in the middle of the day. If you go too long on your feet you will just injury yourself and it wont get better. You need the recovering time even if you dont think you do. 
  13. Bring lots of high fiber snacks like granola bars and a water bottle. 
  14. Find Pregnancy Disney shirts. I found a bunch before at the maternity store before I left. 
  15. Get Disney trading pins online before going to Disney and trade them while you wait. My daughter Maddy and I would do this all the time and it was so much fun. It was like a easter egg hunt. We would look for Tinkerbell or pirate pins. They have all kinds! Now everyone in our family is hooked on it.
  16. Try and not stay up too late with the extra magic hours the next day it wont feel like it was worth it. 


  1. Love the post and more importantly your blog!! :)

  2. Thank you so much for such a well thought out post. I especially liked your comment about packing an umbrella. A lot of people forget how harsh the Florida sun can be no matter the season.