Friday, April 26, 2013

Disney Project: Mickey Light Post


Project Idea: Fortfiends Craft Forum
Mickey Light Plan: Carol-anne
Fabric Used: Old Milk Jug, Pvc pipe, lots of Spray paint,  Newport Coastal White Post Top Globe, 
Westinghouse 6” Opal Globe with neck, Westinghouse 12” White Acrylic Globe, Extension cord, plastic tubing, and masking tape. 
Time Spend: 4 days due to painting and sanding the jug. 
Step 1-4
  1. Find a Milk Jug and sand all of the paint off till smooth. This is a good job for a power sander.
  2. Mask off the top of jug and spray the bottom red. Repeat with sanding between coats so that it is smooth. 
  3. Repeat step 2 with black on the top. 
  4. Repeat step 2 with yellow paint strip.
  5. Paint the PVC pipe black. 
  6. Find the Disney Font online and then print off all of the names you want on the jug.  
  7. After printing names cover the name with masking tape 4 times and than use X acto knife to cut the names out. 
  8. Find Mickey buttons online and then enlarge the image with print preview. Next print follow step 6.
    Step 5
  9. With the stencils place on jug and spray the jug name by name.
  10. Next fix up the names that had over spray by painting with a brush with red paint or black. 
  11. Spray with clear gloss spray paint.
  12. Cut the top of the milk jug and then we added fuel hose tubing around the hole so we could remove the post without scratching the post paint.
  13. Next we followed  Carol-anne instructions on building the post.


  1. Hi Jennifer! I love your Mickey milk can and your directions, but I am stuck at #12…

    I can't seem to cut through the lid of our can with anything. I've burned through 2 bi-metal hole saws already and am probably only half way through. Do you have any suggestions?


  2. My husband said he cut it with a jigsaw.

  3. Hi Jennifer... this is a big help!! Christmas gift for my wife for the camper!! Question.. When paining, what colors did you do first and last. Just not sure if doing the yellow first is easier to tape that off and then do the red and black. Thanks for the help and for sharing your photos!

    1. I did black first, then red, and then yellow. Sorry for the late response. :)

  4. Hi Jennifer. My husband would like to make one of these. How high is the mildcan. I only see 18" when looking. Thanks

  5. Hi Jennifer. What size can did you use. I can only find 18". I'd like to pick one up for Christmas so my husband can build one. Thanks