Friday, June 14, 2013

Disney Project: Countdown to Disney World!

     After seeing a bunch of countdowns on Pinterest I decided to make one that would work with our kitchen since it would be pretty much be a permanent frame year round. Plus we love getting the girls excited for our annual Disney trip and it came out perfectly!

         I bought all the supplies at Hobby Lobby but the frame was from our local Botanical gardens. First I downloaded Disney Font online. I opened a new document in Word and then made word part of the sign. I then found a mickey silhouette online and copied it into Word and sized it to the Word file but printed it on a separate sheet. After printing a few practice pages of the countdown page for sizing I cut down a scrapbook page to the size of the printer paper and printed the page. Next I printed the mickey silhouette and then cut out the scrapbook paper with it. I bought heavy card stock for the mickey so it wouldn't fit in the printer. Then I just taped it together and framed it. Now All I need is a black dry erase marker. :)

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