Friday, May 3, 2013

Go To Disney World with Children Under 3yrs!

2 years old

We love Disney and when we found out in 2010 that we could afford to stay at Fort Wilderness for pretty cheap along with our 1.5 year old not costing us a thing.  So we jumped at the chance to go to Disney World. Most people would tell us how crazy we were to go to Disney when Maddy was so young. Well I am here to tell you that it was not crazy at all. I would say definitely go to Disney before it is too late! Here are the reasons why.
  1. They are FREE at Disney Parks under 3 years old!! With Disney tickets being very pricy this is a huge plus!
  2. Under 3yrs do not have be on the meal plan. How Disney works is if you want to have the meal plan option everyone in your room party has to have one. This gets pricey but children under 3 do not! Now that Maddy is over 3 we would have to paid for the meal plan for her which would not be worth it so we stopped doing the option. 
  3. Under 3yrs get to eat free at all of the character buffet meals or any buffet meals. For
    1.5 years old
    non-buffet meals you can share your meal but if you want them to have their own meal you have to paid for it separately. Disney always gives you tons of food so this was never a problem.
  4. They will LOVE the characters! Maddy and Hadley have both LOVED seeing the Disney characters every time we go. We took Hadley to Disney when she was just 6 months and I was surprised how much she loved the characters. We quickly found out that Trigger was her favorite. Then last year she was 1.5 years and I was equally surprised how much she LOVED the Disney Princesses. I thought it would only interest my 3 year old Maddy. This was definitely two of my favorite Disney memories. 
  5. Each year we go they love different things. Maddy have gone 3 times now and we have found that she has loved something different each time. First year it was Winnie the Pooh, then  Snow White, and last time all of the princesses. 
  6. There are tons of rides, shows, and parades geared to them.  Any ride a pregnant woman can ride, they can ride.
  7. They do remember! Maddy and Hadley who are 4 and 2 years old right now remember all of their Disney trips. My daughter Hadley who is 2 years old sings "Its a Small World" DAILY. Maddy keeps telling us each ride she wants to ride and with who she will ride it with.
  8. 6 months old
  9. You will NEVER regret going to Disney with your children too early but only that you have gone too late. They are young enough to believe each character is the really thing. I cant really explain how wonderful it is to see your 2 year old light up for their favorite character. This is wear I have had many crying moments in the park.  

6 months old

3 year old and 1.5 year old
1.5 years old

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