Thursday, April 25, 2013

Disney Project: Sewing Snow White Dress

Dress: Snow White
Sewing Pattern: Simplicity 2563 
Edited Sleeve Pattern:  Craftinessisnotoptional
Fabric Used: Joann's fabric-
  • Skirt and Main part of Top- Broadcloth
  • Sleeves, Cape, and Collar- CHEAP Costume satin (Get the better satin. Cheap satin will shred) Lesson learned. 
Sewing Time: 2 days
Wearing time: She tries to wear the costume all the time! Totally worth it! :)

Notes: Maddy really wanted the Snow White dress so I ran to the store and grabbed the fabric. The dress wasn't difficult but the costume satin fabric was a nightmare to deal with. Now when I make any outfits that I know she is going to wear all the time I will get the more expensive stuff.

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