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Our Disney family

 Our Disney Family

Disney December 2012

Waiting for Expedition Everest at AK
Our Disney family started in 2008 when my husband Geoffrey and I ( Jennifer) decided to head to Disney World. Geoff had not been to Disney World since Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom  and since I had gone several time with my family I wanted to take him there before we had any children. This was part of my before children bucket list. We decided to go on February 14th because we wanted to go when it was less crowded so that we could get as much miles out of all of our favorite Disney rides. The trip was amazing and super tiring. We got off of our early morning plane ride and headed straight to the parks. For 4 days we were racing from ride to ride with our daily table serve meal being our primary break. The first day we even did the Pirate and Princess Party at MK till midnight just riding all of the rides. After our first Disney trip together we were so exhausted but knew that we both had equally amount of excitement for our next trip to Disney. A year later we had our daughter Madelyn. After a year with her we decided that we wanted to buy a pop-up camper to take many family adventures in. We both came from camping family but we didnt want all of the camping experiences. :) So we bought our first camper and with my husband being the nerd he is he found all of the pop-up camper forums. One day he came across a post about Fort Wilderness at Disney and how much people loved camping on Disney property. Geoff quickly found it was very affordable and that Maddy was free at Disney till she was 3 years old so we booked our first family vacation. Soon after booking our trip we found out that we were expecting our second daughter Hadley and since my parents love Disney we decided to see if they wanted to come with us. They accepted almost immediately. So with the five of us we head down to Disney in October 2010.

Disney October 2010
We had a great time and on our way back from Disney Geoff and I discussed how much we looked forward to our last 2 Disney trips all year that we would make it our yearly vacation. This was one of the best decisions we have made as a family so far in my view. We went back to Disney in December of 2011 with my parents and 2 daughter (6 months and 2 years) and then in December 2012 with 14 people in tow!

We have loved every minute of our Disney trip but have learned some many things each time. So after many asking for advice on their Disney trip I decided I would write a blog explaining what work in our family and what didnt. I look forward to spreading my love of our Disney family with yours. 


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